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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Straight Up Update from The Intoxicologist

There have been several updates to “The Intoxicologist Is In” at I hope you join my new site there.

I have recently compiled a list of new carbohydrate and calorie lists for liqueurs and vodkas. I will soon be adding new pages for tequilas, gins, cognacs, rums, whiskeys… My fingers are typing as fast as they can to search and then pass the information along to you.

New articles to the site include:

1. A press release about BarSol Pisco Acholado including three new recipes. If you have not tried Pisco yet, read up about it and then head out to a bar near you for a sip before you buy.

2. My recipe for the yummy Raspberry Lemon Drop. It is so spring and summery rolled up into one. I have included a beautiful photo so you can have a look at the mouthwatering concoction yourself. When you head out to the grocer for raspberries, look for big juicy ones.

3. Zen Green Tea Liqueur is a fascinating find. My friends over at Myth in the Old Market Omaha hooked me on this one. There is a taste test comparison with a run down on what the Zen is all about on my new site along with a page in the right hand column with all the recipes you could possibly wish for to get your creative juices flowing where the Zen is concerned. If that doesn’t do it for you, one of my readers wrote in to ask how to make a Zen Green Tea Shooter, so I did more research and came up with even more recipes for another article about Zen!

4. Speaking of readers writing in… People ask about a lot of basic drinks. A must read is my article about “21 Must Try Drinks” which includes more than 21 recipes.

5. Would you like to add more bang to your bar? I took a day and made bar syrups galore and found an amazing drink from a restaurant in Durham, NC. I will give you a hint. It is garnished with rosemary and is really fantastic! A real must try.

6. How long has it been since you have had a Lollipop? Well, I found one made with German cherry water, otherwise known as Kirsch. Like all the articles I research and write, this one taught me a few things I didn’t know and some great new recipes as well.

So, come on over and join us. Read up. Drink up. Enjoy our company. Email me with questions, input, or just say hello.

Thanks for reading!

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