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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Volta Vodka: Your Spirit Just Got an Energy Boost

Volta is an interesting vodka I came across from White Rock Distilleries. Interesting due to the caffeine and other herbal stimulants within the spirit. Also quite interesting is their age verification requirement to gain access to their site. I had to answer a question about Jack from the comedy show “Three’s Company.” Having answered it correctly the site knew I had to have been over 21 and allowed me to enter. Ouch! That kind of smarted. In case you are not familiar with the time frame of “Three’s Company, it aired on ABC from 1977-84. I am definitely feeling my age!

Apparently Volta Vodka is made from Russian rye, quadruple distilled with spring water from France’s Northern Region. It is caffeinated and infused with five energy ingredients: Guarana, Taurine, Yerba Mate, Ginseng and Inositol. Not all of those ingredients are listed on the official site. Two, ginseng and inositol, came from a little research on the internet. I would love to hear from the company on this one and give Volta Vodka a try for actual review. In the mean time, below is a quick rundown of the energy ingredients.

Energy Boosters:
Guarana accounts for some of the caffeine. Each guarana berry yields approximately five times as much caffeine as one coffee bean.
Taurine is actually an organic acid that when investigated sounds extremely scientific and slightly disgusting in the way it works in the human body. It is a component that is often found in energy drinks, but as with many things “scientific” not all studies prove taurine to be energy-giving.
Yerba Mate is also a contributor of caffeine, but to a milder degree. Supposedly Yerba Mate differs from caffeine in that the negative side effects of jitteriness and anxiety are removed, yet the alertness caffeine gives off remains.
Ginseng is a supposed aphrodisiac and nourishing stimulant. It is also often found in energy drinks and teas, although in such a low dose the medicinal effects are immeasurable. Alas, Volta has not cornered the market on the next diet/sex therapy wonder drug!
Inositol is an interesting addition that I cannot quite figure out the reason for its inclusion. It spans vitamin B (yet is synthesized in the body thus unusable), to slows down hair loss in men (hmm…making them better looking through beer goggles perhaps?), to a cutting agent in illicit drugs (but clearly unusable for this in vodka form) and lastly alertness, focus and mental clarity – all of which seem to fall within the scientific unknown category.

Volta is not out on the liquor store shelves in my area, but that does not necessarily mean it is unavailable. Sometimes it just means it is tucked away due to lack of consumer knowledge about the product. Even so, it is available online for roughly $22 - $25. If you would like to check out Volta’s website, click on the link in the opening paragraph.

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