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Friday, May 29, 2009

William ‘Mayhem’ Romeo Gives Cheers for Charity

On May 3, 2009, William "Mayhem" Romeo of American Gladiators stepped behind the bar and served as a guest bartender at Busby's in Los Angeles, CA for a special event entitled Cheers For Charity. The actor and performer wasn't just slinging drinks, he was also raising money and awareness for The Ashe Foundation. ASHE has pledged to gather 1 million shoes for Africa's children who have been orphaned by AIDS. To date, over 11 Million of Africa’s youth have been orphaned by the devastating disease and exist in such extreme poverty that they are either barefoot or fashion flip flops out of plastic bottles and similar waste products.

With Ty Ku providing bottles of their premium Asian liqueur for guests, LA's glitteratti gathered and raised a glass while they raised much needed funds for The Ashe Foundation to ship donated shoes to Africa.

Li Sapp-Weaver and Joy Donnell of Beverly Hills-based PR and branding firm, 720 PR, organized the event and are planning more nights in LA. The idea behind the event is to come out, buy a drink, tip your bartender, and have a portion of the proceeds go to charity. "It's a simple way to give to a cause you believe in," says Donnell. "Whether you have $20 or just $1, you can start to make a difference while doing something you planned to do anyway- enjoy a night out!"

You can learn more about ASHÉ, make an online donation, and harness the power to make things happen at their website:

-Text provided by Joy Donnell, 720 PR
Photo property of The Intoxicologist

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mixology Shakes Up Technology!

Grand Marnier® Releases iPhone Cocktail Application Showcasing Top 100 Mixologists from Annual Summit

Mixology and technology have joined forces through the creative inspiration of luxury spirit maker Grand Marnier®. iPhone users can access the latest cocktail recipes from this year’s Grand Marnier and NAVAN® Mixology Summit, a think tank for the country’s top 100 mixologists. Want to explore the latest trends? The GM COCKTAILS Application reveals all!

Based on the collective talent of the top 100 mixologists who joined Steve Olson of aka Wine Geek this past April 2009 at the Grand Marnier and NAVAN Mixology Summit, the GM COCKTAILS Application showcases the best of mixology today. iPhone or iPod Touch users can download hundreds of cocktail recipes – at no cost – complete with step-by-step guidelines on techniques and equipment.

Interested in exploring the latest trends in mixology coast-to-coast? The GM COCKTAILS Application offers signature cocktails from a national pool of the country’s top 100 mixologists, together with images and a vast dictionary of terms and ingredients. Planning a trip to a new city or researching the best cocktail bars in your area? The iPhone Application allows you to track and locate the featured mixologists – users can make their cocktails at home and read up on their profiles – and plans are underway to add GPS functionality to map the mixologist closest to you.

The GM COCKTAILS Application also offers the latest cocktails from the House of Grand Marnier. Inspired by the 2009 Mixology Summit, bar star Steve Olson and his talented team of mixologists have contributed their insights and recipes from the Summit to the new application. The list of featured mixologists reads like a Who’s Who of the country’s top talent, including: Steve Olson, Andy Seymour, Eric Alperin, Anthony Alba, Tad Carducci, Leo DeGroff, Michael Flannery, Jeff Grdinich, Don Lee, John Lermayer, Aisha Sharpe, Willy Shine and Danny Valdez.

About the Grand Marnier and NAVAN Mixology Summit
The Grand Marnier and NAVAN Mixology Summit ( is an annual conference celebrating the craft of mixology and the industry leaders shaping the trade. 100 top mixologists are selected from a pool of thousands nationally to participate in the three-day event held in Vail, Colorado each spring. Hosted by spirits and wine expert, Steve Olson, the Mixology Summit includes consulting mixology labs, expert seminars, cocktail tastings and a gala dinner.

Created in 1880 by Louis-Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle, Grand Marnier is the flagship liqueur of the House of Grand Marnier: the world’s most premium orange liqueur. A blend of exotic bitter oranges and the finest Cognac, Grand Marnier relies on a secret recipe passed down through six generations of the Marnier Lapostolle family. Grand Marnier is the base ingredient of many inspired cocktail creations, and is also enjoyed on-the-rocks and neat. Exclusively imported by Moët Hennessy USA, Grand Marnier retails at $38.00 per 750-ml bottle, and is also available in two higher marques: the Grand Marnier Cuvée du Centenaire ($155.00) and the Grand Marnier Cuvée du Cent Cinquantenaire ($240.00). Visit for more information.

NAVAN Natural Vanilla Liqueur is the most recent creation from the House of Grand Marnier, world renowned for its expertise in making ultra premium liqueurs. Benefiting from Grand Marnier's unique heritage and craftsmanship, NAVAN is made exclusively with natural vanilla from Madagascar, considered the world’s best. As such, NAVAN adds a natural vanilla twist to classic cocktails such as The Modern Margarita, yet is smooth and complex enough to be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Exclusively imported by Moët Hennessy USA, NAVAN retails at $39.00 per 750-ml bottle. Visit for more information.

Tequila Cocktails for Every Budget

As the fastest growing spirits category in the US, consumers are
thirsty for tequila – especially for the summer! Whether flipping burgers, relaxing pool-side or yachting around Nantucket, leisure-lovers will be tempted by the refreshing chill of delicious tequila cocktails.

Keeping budget in mind, each of the below cocktails will surely quench the budding cocktailian’s thirst and curiosity about the summer’s hottest new tequilas – Azul, Rosangel, and Maestro Dobel.

To sate the Grill Master’s thirst…

The Azul Paloma
1.5 ounces Azul Reposado Tequila
Fresca (or similar sparkling drink)

Pour Azul into Collins glass full of ice. Top with Fresca, stir, and garnish with lime

This mind-bogglingly refreshing cocktail uses Azul, a new offering from the world’s most award winning tequila brand – Gran Centenario. At $19.99 per bottle Azul delivers incredible quality and taste at an amazing value. (40% Alc./Vol. - $19.99/750ml)

For those bronzing pool-side…

The Rosangel Ruby Fizz
2 ounces Rosangel Tequila
1/2 ounce Agave Syrup
1/2 ounce Ruby Port
1 bar spoon Pomegranate Molasses
3/4 ounce Lemon Juice
1/2 ounce Egg White

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a highball glass with one large ice cube. Top with Club Soda and garnish with a cherry.

This exquisite cocktail from mixologist extraordinaire Julie Reiner (Flatiron Lounge and Clover Club - NYC), uses Rosangel, the first-ever hibiscus infused tequila, made from a reposado base, and rested in port barrels for an additional two months by Gran Centenario. (40% Alc./Vol. - $36.99/750 ml)

The thirsty yachtsman’s first mate…

Maestro Maria Verde
3 - 2 " slices of Celery
Loose handful of Cilantro
2 ounces Maestro Dobel
3/4 ounce fresh squeezed lime juice
3/4 ounce simple syrup
1 ounce Ginger ale

Preparation - In a pint glass muddle celery & cilantro, then add all spirits & mixers. Shake vigorously for six seconds, add ginger ale. Strain over fresh ice in Collins glass, garnish with celery stalk.

The Maestro’s version of the Bloody Mary: crisp, cool and green. Created by Pablo Moix of STK and Coco De Ville in Los Angeles, this wildly original and refreshing cocktail uses Maestro Dobel the world’s first-ever “diamond” clear-aged tequila. A luscious blend of reposado, anejo, and extra-anejo tequilas, Maestro Dobel is available at the fine liquor establishments with a suggested retail price of $74.99 (750 ml).

-Courtesy M Booth & Associates, Inc.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Agavero DIY Summer Entertaining Tips

Diane Brown, author of The Seduction Cookbook, offered up several food and entertaining tips recently on how to plan the ultimate summer soiree without breaking the bank. Diane incorporates Agavero into her food and drink recipes. Agavero is the 100% blue agave tequila liqueur infused with the natural essence of Damiana. Damiana is the flower renowned in Mexico for its supposed aphrodisiac qualities. Relax while entertaining this summer and get smitten with Agavero food and cocktails.

Do-it-yourself menu: Put out food that your guests can make themselves, such as taco toppings, shells and fillings for a DIY taco bar, or skewer some shish kebabs over ice that guests can throw on the grill when they’re hungry. Add mouthwatering flavor to grilled food by adding Agavero to marinades.

Simplicity works: Keep your bar simple by setting it up for self-service. Blow-up a kiddie pool and fill it with ice and beverages and then serve one signature cocktail. Mix up a refreshing crowd-pleaser such as an Agavero Frozen Gringo or Agavero Cosmopolitan.

Location, location, location: Stake out a spot for your party at a local park or throw a swanky cocktail party outside in the backyard. Create an outdoor room by constructing a canopy of colorful market umbrellas, and arrange some potted plants or bright flowers for a splash of color.

Role-play: Bring the seaside to your backyard by setting out beach towels and lawn chairs. Then bring out everyone’s inner child and set out a few water pistols and challenge guests to a sandcastle-building contest. Finish setting the scene with a piñata, chips and salsa and signature drink like the Agavero Frozen Mango Margarita -- the perfect summertime fiesta.

Frozen Mango Margarita
Makes roughly 4-6 cocktails (depending on the size of the glass)
1 fresh Mango
4 ounces Agavero
Splash of Agavero (optional)
4 ounces silver or reposado tequila
1 fresh lime
Slice of lime or mango for garnish

In a blender, puree 1 fresh Mango. Then fill with Ice and mix Agavero, silver or reposado tequila and the juice of 1 lime until the consistency is smooth and frozen (slushy). Pour into Margarita glasses and add a splash of Agavero to the top. Garnish with a straw and a fresh slice of lime or mango.

Garlicky Agavero Tequila Shrimp Kabobs with Lemon and Fresh Bay Leaves
Serves 6 (courtesy of Diane Brown)
2 tablespoons Agavero
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
1/8 teaspoon ground red pepper
6 garlic cloves, minced
1 pound large shrimp, peeled and deveined
12 lemon wedges
12 fresh bay leaves
Salt and pepper to taste
2 tablespoons chopped, fresh parsley
Wooden skewers, as needed

Mix the Agavero, olive oil, pepper, and garlic with the shrimp and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Preheat a gas grill or broiler until moderately hot. Thread the shrimp, bay leaves and lemons on skewers and season with salt and pepper. Grill or broil skewers basting with additional marinade and turning every 2-3 minutes, until shrimp is opaque and cooked through, about 5-7 minutes.

Chicken Thigh Kabobs with Agavero Tequila Marinade, Cherry Tomatoes and Asparagus
Serves 6
1 pound boneless chicken thighs, cut into 1 ½ inch cubes
4 garlic cloves, minced
2 tablespoons of Agavero tequila
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons minced fresh basil
Zest and juice of one lemon
1 pint cherry tomatoes
1 bunch asparagus, cut on the bias in 2-inch pieces
Salt and pepper to taste
Wooden skewers, as needed

Mix the chicken thighs with garlic, Agavero tequila, olive oil, basil, lemon zest and juice, and marinate for 20 minutes. Preheat a gas grill or broiler until moderately hot. Remove the chicken from the marinade and boil marinade for 1 minute. Thread the meat, cherry tomatoes and asparagus onto skewers and season with salt and pepper. Grill or broil skewers, basting with the marinade and turning every 2-3 minutes, until browned all over and cooked through, about 8-10 minutes.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Argentine Malbec is a Top Seller in U.S.

Sales Soar for Malbec - Consider Luigi Bosca!

Move over Bordeaux, there's a new grape in town. Top wine magazines and websites have recently reported trends in growth for Argentine wine. On April 16, Wine & Spirits Daily reported that in 2008, out of the major wine producing countries, Argentina posted the most growth in dollar sales in the U.S. In fact, according to Nielsen scan data, in the four weeks leading up to March 7, 2009 compared to the same period last year, Argentine wines grew a whopping 52% in dollar value, up 35.6%. What is the cause of this increase of sales in the U.S. for the Argentine wine? Some think it has a lot to do with a little grape called Malbec.

Over the past year, Malbec has become the grape of choice for U.S. wine consumers. In the May 2009 issue of Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Michael Schachner reported on how Argentina has become a serious exporting force. Schachner interviewed many Argentine wine experts and exporters, including Alberto Arizu of Bodega Luigi Bosca, who believes the Malbec grape is one of the major factors contributing towards Argentina's exporting success. But there's more to it than that: "Malbec has been an extraordinary vehicle that has allowed Argentina to insert itself into the world's consciousness" remarked Alberto Arizu of Luigi Bosca.

Meanwhile, Wine & Spirits Magazine released its Annual Restaurant Poll results in the April 2009 issue, where Argentina is mentioned among the top New World wine regions as having a stronger showing than any other wine-growing country in the Southern-Hemisphere, including Australia, due to the Malbec grape. The magazine quoted Melissa Monosoff, from Savona in Gulph Mills, PA, on Malbec, stating the grape is "juicy, easy... it has tannins but they are soft and plush. It's an easy bar wine; you don't have to have any food with it."

If considering or recommending Malbec from Argentina - why not suggest Luigi Bosca Malbec Reserva 2006 - recently named in Wine & Spirits Magazine's Annual Restaurant Poll as one of the top five on-premise Malbecs for 2008. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Gregory White PR: Donna White, or Rebekah Polster,

About Bodega Luigi Bosca:
The Arizu family, founders of Bodega Luigi Bosca, moved from Spain to Mendoza, Argentina in the 1890s. With roots that go back more than a century, Bodega Luigi Bosca has remained a family run enterprise becoming the benchmark for quality wines from Mendoza and one of the most dynamic wine producers of Argentina. Bodega Luigi Bosca offers wine for all occasions and palates with three very distinct labels: Finca La Linda, which represents the range and diversity of Mendoza's landscape, offering mono-varietal wines; Luigi Bosca Reserva, the next tier of wines which along with Malbec, includes Luigi Bosca Riesling - the only Riesling produced in Argentina; and Selectos de Familia Arizu, the top range that is a reflection of their best vineyards and terroir, expressed through single variety wines and a symphony of blends including Icono, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec. Created as a symbol of excellence and the best expression of Argentine wine Icono is crafted from a careful selection of the oldest and most noble vines from the family's Las Compuertas vineyard in Lujan de Cuyo.

StirRED Grand Opening Special

Check out Rouge Tomate and their new venue, StirRED. Stop by for a drink the week of May 11 and your second drink will be on the house.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mercadito Restaurants Head to Chicago & Miami

Locations to Open in Two New Cities in 2009

NEW YORK (NY) – Mercadito is coming to the “Windy City” and the “Sunshine State!” Mercadito Restaurants, owners and operators of New York City’s Mercadito, Mercadito Grove and Mercadito Cantina renowned for their signature Mexican cuisine, is growing its family of eateries starting this summer with the opening of Mercadito Chicago (108 W. Kinzie Street between N. Clark and N. LaSalle). The restaurant group has also announced plans for Mercadito Midtown in Miami later this year.

At a time when many restaurants have shuttered or scaled back expansion plans, Mercadito Restaurants have carved a successful niche in the industry by emphasizing quality and value. Chef Patricio Sandoval and his brothers/partners Alfredo and Felipe drew from their childhood under the tutelage of father and restaurateur Manuel Sandoval (who owned the world class Madeiras in Acapulco) to develop inviting restaurants that celebrate the beauty and flavors of Mexico.

Successfully combining superior ingredients, traditional recipes and Chef Sandoval’s flair for the creative, Mercadito Restaurants have been a critical and commercial success since first opening its East Village location in 2004. Soon, Midwest foodies will get to experience Mercadito’s wide array of innovative cuisine when Mercadito Chicago opens in River North Front, in the heart of downtown Chicago.

Mercadito serves “creative Mexican” cuisine, and has developed a reputation for exquisite tacos, guacamoles, botanas and ceviches. As with its New York City locations, Chef Sandoval has also crafted Mercadito Chicago’s menu to feature native Mexican delicacies with a decidedly modern flair.

No culinary journey to Mexico would be complete without an accompaniment of Mexican spirits! In addition to a dizzying array of Mexican tequilas (from the restaurant’s tequila-only bar), beers, wines and margaritas, Mercadito Chicago’s beverage menu will feature new twists on traditional Mexican cocktails created by beverage directors/partners Tippling Bros. exclusively for the restaurants.

Past its intimate front “Tequila Lounge”, Mercadito Chicago’s visual centerpiece is the 14-seat communal table in its 100-seat dining room. The restaurant’s décor, created by New York City-based Seed Design Studio, mixes elements of contemporary Mexican arts and crafts to create a fresh and bold new backdrop for the well-established Mercadito brand. The result is a warm, approachable “artist loft” that includes a beautiful guacamole bar, a strikingly illuminated pierced metal pyramid bar, and oversized murals of modern Mexican graffiti art.

Scheduled to open in Miami this winter, Mercadito Midtown will be located inside the most celebrated dining spots, the “Restaurant Row” in Midtown Miami. Just over the bridge of Miami Beach, within seconds from major expressways, and a five minute drive from downtown Miami, Mercadito Midtown will feature a spacious main dining room and bar area (seating 157 people), separate taqueria for takeout and delivery, as well as a 110-person outdoor dining area, where guests can enjoy the tropical Miami weather.

Mercadito Restaurants have grown from their first New York City location in 2004 to become a renowned restaurant group specializing in Mexican cuisine and modern taquerias. The popularity of these restaurants can be attributed to the innovative interpretations of traditional Mexican cooking created by Chef Patricio Sandoval. The management team behind Mercadito Restaurants has over 15 years of experience and a proven track record of success in the industry. The restaurant group currently owns and operates four critically acclaimed restaurants Mercadito (New York), Mercadito Grove (New York), Mercadito Cantina (New York), Mercadito Chicago (River North Front), and the soon-to-be-opened Mercadito Midtown Miami. Their partnership with renowned beverage consultants Tippling Bros. adds creativity to their beverage programs that merge complex flavors, drinkability and the unexpected.

For additional information visit

For media inquiries, please contact:
Tracey Henry
Type A Media
212 - 226 - 3175 (P)
212 - 226 - 3978 (F)
Additional mentions of Mercadito on The Intoxicologist Is In: Agavero: Seductive Cocktails & Cuisine for Valentine’s Day

Pure Revolution Celebrates NRA Show with 60’s Theme and Drink Contest

National search via to deliver three finalists; At-show judging by Las Vegas restaurateur; Winner scores Vegas trip and guest mixing gig at hot nightspot

Who: PureOFlow ( from Pure Revolution is a representation of revolutionary new ideas powered by GE technologies. With this revolutionary water purification technology, bottled water, salt-water softeners and point-of-use water filters all become unnecessary, saving money, reducing waste and delivering better tasting products.

What: 60’s-era booth with protest slogans on ‘revolutionary’ approach to healthier, ‘greener’ water in restaurants A ‘Pure Water Revolution’ drink mixologist contest at the NRA Show.

Theme: Austin Powers will be greeting guests at the booth with photographer documenting the fun along with introducing ‘taste the revolution’ pure water cooking demonstrations.

Contest: Pure Revolution is conducting a national search for innovative mixologist/bar chef that understands the critical role that water and ice play in the perfect bar concoction. The contest will discover someone who is revolutionizing the field of bartending and refining the old techniques of drink mixing, giving them the opportunity to further this art.

The contest finalists are selected from an initial round of video and email applications posted on and other social media sites. Contestants send their video including a description of their concoction and/or how pure ice or water is an important component of their drink. Complete rules are posted on

Three finalists are chosen by a celebrity restaurateur and bar-owner, Gary Frey, of Tacos & Tequila at the Luxor and the Rumbar in the Mirage in Las Vegas.

Announced prior to the show these finalists will travel to the NRA show for the final mix-off. The winner will be chosen at the Pure Revolution booth at the NRA show booth #424 on the opening day of the show, May 16 at 4pm.

The winning drink will be featured at the NRA show, the year’s largest gathering of the restaurant industry, with an entire day of sampled drinks featuring the winning mix.

The grand prize for the winner is to be ‘discovered’ by high profile members of the food and beverage industry attending the 2009 NRA Show. The winner also receives a complimentary round trip with luxury accommodations to Las Vegas including the opportunity to make their mixologist debut at Rumbar.

Why: 60’s Theme: A complete pure water delivery system, PureOFlow from Pure Revolution is the revolutionary approach that uses reverse osmosis to deliver purified water and crystal clear ice that make up a high percent of bar mixed drinks; cooking demonstrations will encourage visitors to ‘taste the revolution’ leading the tastier sauces, more flavorful dishes.

Drink Contest: Great bar chefs and discerning customers certainly agree that bad tasting ice can quickly ruin the smooth taste of a high quality scotch, vodka or other liquor. The founders of Pure Revolution understand the critical role that water and ice play in the perfect bar concoction and want to highlight like-minded bar chef talent outstanding in the restaurant industry.

National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show – McCormick Place, Chicago, IL
May 16-19, 2009

Pure Revolution – Booth #424
Judging complete May 16th, 4pm, winning mix announced and sampled by show goers.

Add Pure Revolution to your show schedule.

Industry Recognition: Better tasting, pure water means that more of the freshness of taste is delivered to customers’ taste buds from spices, fruits and mixers – leading to healthier, snappier drinks. Restaurants and bars know that happier customers lead to higher customer participation and repeat patronage as well as the positive word of mouth that continues to generate new customers.

Read about celebrity chef, Joseph Keller of Bistro Zinc in Las Vegas, endorsing Pure Revolution’s PureOFlow here.

About: What constitutes a revolution? Wikipedia describes it as a fundamental change that takes place in a relatively short period of time. Pure Revolution’s PureOFlow system is a fundamental change in the way restaurants and foodservice businesses handle their water needs. With the revolutionary PureOFlow water purification technology, bottled water, salt-water softeners and point-of-use water filters become unnecessary, saving money, protecting the environment, reducing waste and delivering better tasting products. Pure Revolution is the only water purification technology to create the equivalent of bottled water right out of the tap, crystal clear ice right out of the machine and spotless glasses and tableware out of the dishwasher.

For more information visit or call Molly Walpola, VP of marketing (702) 834-6570 or (702) 250 4596.

Pure Water Revolution Contest for Artistic Bartenders

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Seagram's Enters New Territory With the Launch of Seagram's Smooth Brazilian Rum

NEW YORK, May 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Seagram's, one of the only major U.S. beverage trademarks with products in multiple categories -- including the number one selling Seagram's Gin -- announces the launch of Seagram's Smooth Brazilian Rum.

Seagram's Rum will be available in Seagram's Smooth Brazilian Rum (white rum) and two new flavors -- Seagram's Citrus Flavored Rum and Seagram's Raspberry Flavored Rum. All three offerings have been blended to provide the perfect balance of unparalleled smoothness and the unique, exotic rum character native only to Brazil, while their taste profile makes them the perfect base for today's most popular rum cocktails.

"The rum category has grown by 10 million cases over the last 10 years, and is forecasted to grow by another 10 million cases in the next decade, offering the Seagram's trademark a significant opportunity to increase sales and brand awareness," said Craig Johnson, Marketing Director for Seagram's Rum. "In addition, the brand will be an attractive proposition for retail outlets, as consumers know and trust the Seagram's name."

Why Brazil? Said Johnson: "We tested concepts from around the world with consumers and the exotic, mysterious qualities that embody Brazil emerged as having the strongest appeal. Brazilian rums are traditionally distilled to create a lighter spirit with citric, lemon notes, which is exactly what we were looking for."

Seagram's Smooth Brazilian Rum, Seagram's Citrus Brazilian Rum and Seagram's Raspberry Brazilian Rum will launch at retail in May 2009. Seagram's Smooth Brazilian Rum will be available in 1.75L, 1.0L, 750ml, 375ml, 200ml 100ml and 50ml sizes. Seagram's Citrus Flavored Rum and Seagram's Raspberry Flavored Rum will be available in 1.75L, 1.0L, 750ml and 50ml sizes. The three rums will be line priced and will retail for a suggested price of $11.99/750ml.

New Seagram's Brazilian Rum Cocktail Recipes:
Seagram's Rum & Cola
1 part Seagram's Smooth Brazilian Rum
3 parts cola
Pour ingredients into a cocktail glass filled with ice. Garnish with lime wedge.

Seagram's Caipirinha
1 Part Seagram's Smooth Brazilian Rum
1 Tbsp. granulated Sugar
1 Lime
Muddle sugar into lime wedges in an old-fashioned glass. Fill glass with ice cubes. Pour Seagram's Rum into glass. Stir well.

Seagram's Citrus Mojito
2-1/2 parts Seagram's Citrus Flavored Rum
3 mint sprigs
2 lime wedges
1 Tbsp. of sugar
2 splashes of club soda
Muddle mint sprigs with lime wedges and sugar. Add Seagram's Rum and club soda. Garnish with mint sprig.

Seagram's Raspberry Fizz
1 part Seagram's Raspberry Flavored Rum
3 parts club soda
Pour ingredients into a cocktail glass filled with ice. Garnish with raspberries.

About Pernod Ricard USA
Pernod Ricard USA is the premium spirits and wine company in the U.S., and the largest subsidiary of Paris, France-based Pernod Ricard SA. In July, 2008, Pernod Ricard completed the acquisition of the iconic ABSOLUT Vodka brand from the V&S Group, and Pernod Ricard USA is now the second-leading company in the U.S. by sales value.

In addition to ABSOLUT, Pernod Ricard USA's leading brands include such prestigious spirits as The Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Wild Turkey Bourbon, Seagram's Extra Dry Gin, Beefeater Gin, Plymouth Gin, Martell Cognac, Malibu flavored Rum, Kahlua Liqueur, Hiram Walker Liqueurs, Pernod and Ricard; such superior wines as Jacob's Creek and Brancott Estate; and such exquisite champagnes and sparkling wines as Perrier Jouet Champagne, G.H. Mumm Champagne and Mumm Napa sparkling wines.

The company is based in Purchase, New York, and has roughly 1,000 employees across the country.

Pernod Ricard USA urges all adults to consume its products responsibly and has an active campaign to promote responsible drinking. For more information on this, please visit:

Sarah Bessette of Pernod Ricard USA

· Pernod Ricard USA Launches Online Video Messages in Support of Accept Responsibility Campaign

Corsair Artisan: Spirit of an Emerging Generation

Malibu Embraces the Tropics With New Island Melon Flavor

Latest Flavor Captures the Caribbean Brand's Island Spirit

NEW YORK, May 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Malibu, the number-one selling Caribbean Rum with natural Coconut Flavor in the world, adds a splash of the tropics to the Malibu portfolio with the exciting debut of Malibu Island Melon. Island Melon is the sixth member of the Malibu Rum family, joining the other vibrant tastes -- Malibu Original Coconut (1980), Malibu Mango (2004), Malibu Pineapple (2004), Malibu Passion Fruit (2005), and Malibu Tropical Banana (2007).

"We are thrilled to introduce this great new flavor to the Malibu portfolio. Malibu Island Melon delivers a naturally fresh, ripe Melon taste with a hint of Malibu's trademark creamy coconut flavor, adding an exciting new dimension to the Malibu range," said Craig Johnson, Brand Director for Malibu at Pernod Ricard USA.

The Island Melon flavor received outstanding results when tested with consumers, who not only enjoyed its strong Caribbean link and flavor differentiation, but also its unique taste and mixability. The exciting new flavor is the perfect companion in cocktails, providing consumers with a taste of the tropics anytime. A variety of delicious Caribbean-inspired cocktails have been developed by bartenders using Malibu Island Melon, including: Malibu Melon Tea Twister, Malibu Coco-Melon Colada and Malibu Melon Baller.

The spring 2009 U.S. launch will be supported with an unprecedented multi-million dollar marketing campaign. "Malibu is a top priority within Pernod Ricard USA's premium portfolio, and we strongly believe that the new Island Melon flavor will further fuel the brand's momentum. A targeted Island Melon advertising campaign will be featured nationally in television, print, digital, and OOH, and a wide range of consumer promotions and samplings are planned throughout the summer season. Each element of the Island Melon campaign touches on the fun, unique and energetic spirit of the brand and the Malibu consumer," said Johnson.

Malibu Melon Tea Twister
1 part Malibu Island Melon
3 parts iced tea
Splash lemon-lime soda

Malibu Coco-Melon Colada
1 part Malibu Island Melon
1 part Malibu Coconut
3 parts pineapple juice

Malibu Melon Baller
2 parts Malibu Island Melon
1 part Absolut Vodka
2 parts pineapple or orange juice

For more delicious Malibu recipes, visit
Malibu Island Melon will be available for $14.99 for 750ml at retail this June.

About Malibu
Malibu is the original Caribbean rum with natural coconut flavor and the world's favorite, selling 3.7 million cases each year in more than 150 countries. With its beginnings on the island of Barbados, Malibu is perfect for creating cool and refreshing cocktails to help you "Get Your Island On." The delicious and distinct flavor of Malibu has been honored at several major international spirits competitions, including silver at the 2007 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

About Pernod Ricard USA
Pernod Ricard USA is the premium spirits and wine company in the U.S., and the largest subsidiary of Paris, France-based Pernod Ricard SA. In July, 2008, Pernod Ricard completed the acquisition of the iconic ABSOLUT(R) Vodka brand from the V&S Group, and Pernod Ricard USA is now the second-leading company in the U.S. by sales value.

In addition to ABSOLUT, Pernod Ricard USA's leading brands include such prestigious spirits as The Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Wild Turkey Bourbon, Seagram's Extra Dry Gin, Beefeater Gin, Plymouth Gin, Martell Cognac, Malibu flavored Rum, Kahlua Liqueur, Hiram Walker Liqueurs, Pernod and Ricard; such superior wines as Jacob's Creek and Brancott Estate; and such exquisite champagnes and sparkling wines as Perrier Jouet Champagne, G.H. Mumm Champagne and Mumm Napa sparkling wines..

Pernod Ricard USA urges all adults to consume its products responsibly and has an active campaign to promote responsible drinking. For more information on this, please visit:

Pernod Ricard USA
Lauren Rinkey, Pernod Ricard USA

· Malibu Rum Spikes One Over the Net with Exclusive Beach Volleyball Partnership

Call for Entries: Tanteo Tequila Searches for NYC’s Rising Star Mexican Artists

NEW YORK, May 5, 2009 – Born of a passion for Mexico combined with the artistic sensibility of New York City, Tanteo Tequila today launches a search for the top three Rising Star Mexican Artists in New York City.

Jonathan Rojewski, CEO and founder of Tanteo Tequila, created the brand of hand-crafted, naturally infused premium Blanco tequilas as both a celebration of Mexico and a reflection of his New York style. With this contest, Tanteo aims to showcase how these two worlds inspire each other and, thereby, result in extraordinary art.

The Tanteo Tequila NYC-Mexican Artists Contest invites artists across all media whose work is inspired by both Mexico and New York to submit samples of their art and describe how the two cultures inspire them. A panel of influential New Yorkers who have dedicated their lives to Mexican culture in New York City will identify the top three artists. Each of the winners will receive a $500 honorarium at a special event in June.

To enter, artists must submit the following to
· Up to three samples of their work
· A 250-word essay describing how Mexico and New York inspire their art
Submissions must arrive no later than Friday, June 5, 2009. For full submission guidelines, go to There is no entry fee.

Tanteo Tequila (750ml/40% ABV/$45.00) is an ultra-premium collection of Blanco tequilas each hand-infused with the flavors of Mexico – Jalapeño, Chocolate and Tropical. Launched in December 2008 into the New York market by the Tanteo Spirits Company, the trio of infusions has already received awards from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the Beverage Testing Institute, and the World Beverage Competition. Meticulous care and attention are given to both the selection and harvesting of the agave, which is processed and distilled into the highest-quality Blanco tequila, and to the extraction of natural flavors to complement the spirit. With roots in Manhattan’s SoHo, Tanteo also reflects that neighborhood’s unique style and artistry. Designed by co-founder and award-winning graphic artist Lincoln Mayne, the brand’s bottle is an expression of Tanteo’s philosophical essence – traditional artistry blended with a modern sensibility. Handcrafted rustic glass characterized by naturally occurring bubbles, an authentic cork closure and vintage-style wax seal combine to evoke heritage and tradition, while the bottle’s tapered shape and thick glass bottom beautifully encase the liquid inside, protecting it like a proud soldado.

For more information, go to

Party like the Captain: Long Island Iced Tea

‘Nobody parties like the Captain’ – which is why Captain Morgan brings consumers the number one party cocktail; Long Island Iced Tea.

Those who enjoy the flavor of a bartender crafted Long Island Iced Tea while out with friends on Friday night can now benefit from the convenience of an at home pre-mixed version without complication anytime. The classic Long Island Iced Tea requires layering several spirits (rum, tequila, gin, vodka and triple sec) as well as sour mix and cola topper. Captain Morgan’s theory behind the premade Long Island Iced Tea: save you time, money and the Captain travels with ease.

Captain Morgan considers itself the ‘ultimate party brand’ with the ‘ultimate party drink.’ With consumers opting for convenience packaging for summer entertaining outdoors the Captain offers this newest ready-made cocktail to complement other premixed drinks consumers are already reaching for such as the Smirnoff Tuscan Lemonade.

Long Island Iced Tea is a staple on many bar menus. Created in 1970 in Babylon, NY, the Long Island Iced Tea has remained a top seller in the mixed drinks category in casual bars and dining establishments. The Captain Morgan premixed version has been designed to duplicate the feel and taste of high quality bar Long Island Iced Tea cocktails. Only you can be the judge. Try the Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea for your next Barbeque, pool side party, or outdoor social.

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