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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mixology Shakes Up Technology!

Grand Marnier® Releases iPhone Cocktail Application Showcasing Top 100 Mixologists from Annual Summit

Mixology and technology have joined forces through the creative inspiration of luxury spirit maker Grand Marnier®. iPhone users can access the latest cocktail recipes from this year’s Grand Marnier and NAVAN® Mixology Summit, a think tank for the country’s top 100 mixologists. Want to explore the latest trends? The GM COCKTAILS Application reveals all!

Based on the collective talent of the top 100 mixologists who joined Steve Olson of aka Wine Geek this past April 2009 at the Grand Marnier and NAVAN Mixology Summit, the GM COCKTAILS Application showcases the best of mixology today. iPhone or iPod Touch users can download hundreds of cocktail recipes – at no cost – complete with step-by-step guidelines on techniques and equipment.

Interested in exploring the latest trends in mixology coast-to-coast? The GM COCKTAILS Application offers signature cocktails from a national pool of the country’s top 100 mixologists, together with images and a vast dictionary of terms and ingredients. Planning a trip to a new city or researching the best cocktail bars in your area? The iPhone Application allows you to track and locate the featured mixologists – users can make their cocktails at home and read up on their profiles – and plans are underway to add GPS functionality to map the mixologist closest to you.

The GM COCKTAILS Application also offers the latest cocktails from the House of Grand Marnier. Inspired by the 2009 Mixology Summit, bar star Steve Olson and his talented team of mixologists have contributed their insights and recipes from the Summit to the new application. The list of featured mixologists reads like a Who’s Who of the country’s top talent, including: Steve Olson, Andy Seymour, Eric Alperin, Anthony Alba, Tad Carducci, Leo DeGroff, Michael Flannery, Jeff Grdinich, Don Lee, John Lermayer, Aisha Sharpe, Willy Shine and Danny Valdez.

About the Grand Marnier and NAVAN Mixology Summit
The Grand Marnier and NAVAN Mixology Summit ( is an annual conference celebrating the craft of mixology and the industry leaders shaping the trade. 100 top mixologists are selected from a pool of thousands nationally to participate in the three-day event held in Vail, Colorado each spring. Hosted by spirits and wine expert, Steve Olson, the Mixology Summit includes consulting mixology labs, expert seminars, cocktail tastings and a gala dinner.

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