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Monday, May 11, 2009

Pure Revolution Celebrates NRA Show with 60’s Theme and Drink Contest

National search via to deliver three finalists; At-show judging by Las Vegas restaurateur; Winner scores Vegas trip and guest mixing gig at hot nightspot

Who: PureOFlow ( from Pure Revolution is a representation of revolutionary new ideas powered by GE technologies. With this revolutionary water purification technology, bottled water, salt-water softeners and point-of-use water filters all become unnecessary, saving money, reducing waste and delivering better tasting products.

What: 60’s-era booth with protest slogans on ‘revolutionary’ approach to healthier, ‘greener’ water in restaurants A ‘Pure Water Revolution’ drink mixologist contest at the NRA Show.

Theme: Austin Powers will be greeting guests at the booth with photographer documenting the fun along with introducing ‘taste the revolution’ pure water cooking demonstrations.

Contest: Pure Revolution is conducting a national search for innovative mixologist/bar chef that understands the critical role that water and ice play in the perfect bar concoction. The contest will discover someone who is revolutionizing the field of bartending and refining the old techniques of drink mixing, giving them the opportunity to further this art.

The contest finalists are selected from an initial round of video and email applications posted on and other social media sites. Contestants send their video including a description of their concoction and/or how pure ice or water is an important component of their drink. Complete rules are posted on

Three finalists are chosen by a celebrity restaurateur and bar-owner, Gary Frey, of Tacos & Tequila at the Luxor and the Rumbar in the Mirage in Las Vegas.

Announced prior to the show these finalists will travel to the NRA show for the final mix-off. The winner will be chosen at the Pure Revolution booth at the NRA show booth #424 on the opening day of the show, May 16 at 4pm.

The winning drink will be featured at the NRA show, the year’s largest gathering of the restaurant industry, with an entire day of sampled drinks featuring the winning mix.

The grand prize for the winner is to be ‘discovered’ by high profile members of the food and beverage industry attending the 2009 NRA Show. The winner also receives a complimentary round trip with luxury accommodations to Las Vegas including the opportunity to make their mixologist debut at Rumbar.

Why: 60’s Theme: A complete pure water delivery system, PureOFlow from Pure Revolution is the revolutionary approach that uses reverse osmosis to deliver purified water and crystal clear ice that make up a high percent of bar mixed drinks; cooking demonstrations will encourage visitors to ‘taste the revolution’ leading the tastier sauces, more flavorful dishes.

Drink Contest: Great bar chefs and discerning customers certainly agree that bad tasting ice can quickly ruin the smooth taste of a high quality scotch, vodka or other liquor. The founders of Pure Revolution understand the critical role that water and ice play in the perfect bar concoction and want to highlight like-minded bar chef talent outstanding in the restaurant industry.

National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show – McCormick Place, Chicago, IL
May 16-19, 2009

Pure Revolution – Booth #424
Judging complete May 16th, 4pm, winning mix announced and sampled by show goers.

Add Pure Revolution to your show schedule.

Industry Recognition: Better tasting, pure water means that more of the freshness of taste is delivered to customers’ taste buds from spices, fruits and mixers – leading to healthier, snappier drinks. Restaurants and bars know that happier customers lead to higher customer participation and repeat patronage as well as the positive word of mouth that continues to generate new customers.

Read about celebrity chef, Joseph Keller of Bistro Zinc in Las Vegas, endorsing Pure Revolution’s PureOFlow here.

About: What constitutes a revolution? Wikipedia describes it as a fundamental change that takes place in a relatively short period of time. Pure Revolution’s PureOFlow system is a fundamental change in the way restaurants and foodservice businesses handle their water needs. With the revolutionary PureOFlow water purification technology, bottled water, salt-water softeners and point-of-use water filters become unnecessary, saving money, protecting the environment, reducing waste and delivering better tasting products. Pure Revolution is the only water purification technology to create the equivalent of bottled water right out of the tap, crystal clear ice right out of the machine and spotless glasses and tableware out of the dishwasher.

For more information visit or call Molly Walpola, VP of marketing (702) 834-6570 or (702) 250 4596.

Pure Water Revolution Contest for Artistic Bartenders

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