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Friday, June 19, 2009

Jägermeister: Beyond The Hangover

Beyond The Hangover

Everyone knows that Jägermeister comes in green bottle, tastes like liquorice, is the drink of choice for The Hangover’s “wolf pack” and can be consumed as a “Bomb,” but how many really know the true story behind the brand?

Ever hear that the label translates to “Oh Dear God”; the circle around the dear means "oh"...the deer is "dear" and the cross is "god" giving you, "Oh Dear God!"? How about that there is deer blood or opium in the mystery ingredients? FALSE


· Jägermeister is based on a secret recipe of 56 different herbs, blossoms and roots as well as fruits from the most varied countries of the world for example cinnamon-bark from Ceylon, bitter orange skins from Australia, santal from East India, ginger roots from southern Asia and of course, some secret herbs.

· The name Jägermeister itself is German for “Master Hunter. In Germany today, there is a position called Jägermeister which is an employee of the district’s hunting authorities, responsible for the region’s hunting regulations.

· All sizes are bottled in the distinctive square green bottle. The packaging has remained unchanged since its introduction in 1935.

· The recipe for this herb liqueur has roots going back 500 years, which explains its ancient trademark.

· Production - The herbs and spices are balanced following a secret recipe, ground to various degrees of fineness and mixed. These mixtures are macerated several times over a period of 5 months in large tanks, i.e. the herbs are soaked in an alcohol/water mixture for two to three days. This separates the herbs and infuses their aromas into the liquid. This produces the basic Jägermeister concentrate, which is then blended, filtered and stored in oak barrels for one year. The aged concentrate is then blended with alcohol, sugar, caramel and water to form the final product.

· The old German writing around the Jägermeister label translates to “It is the hunter’s honor that he protects and preserves his game, hunts sportsmanlike, honors the Creator in his creatures”

Want the full Story? For centuries, St. Hubertus has been the patron saint of hunters. According to the legend, in his youth, Hubert was a wild and unrestrained hunter, without responsibility towards the creatures that he hunted and captivated by the drive to kill. Even on the holy day of Sunday, he set off into the forest with his dog and weapon and cared little about the day of the Lord. Until one holy day, emerging from the dark woods, a large white deer carrying an illuminated cross between his antlers confronted him. From the moment of his vision, he devoted himself to good works under the banner of the antlered stag. He died in 727 AD, and centuries later he was venerated as a patron saint. It is from this story’s inspiration that the Jägermeister trademark derives.

Photo and text courtesy Sidney Frank

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spice Up Your Summer with Easy Bacardi Summer Cocktails

As summer heats up and we begin to head outdoors our cocktails begin to cool down for backyard BBQ’s, pool parties and relaxing afternoons by the beach. Bacardi sets the tone for all things thirst quenching whether the thought is quick and easy or muddled and delicious. The flavor is always divine, sublime and fulfilling.

Bacardi’s new pre-mixed Classic Cocktail Raspberry Mojito takes entertaining to a new level of easy, breezy while keeping fuss to a minimum and guests happiness at a premium. With a few simple steps the authentic Mojito becomes a raspberry flavor blast of excitement. Just pour straight from the bottle, add a splash of club soda, a sprig of mint for garnish and aroma with a sprinkling of fresh raspberries and it’s a done deal; Bacardi Raspberry Mojito in seconds.

Large groups deserve your attention and larger than life cocktails. Tequila CAZADORES delivers the 5 Gallon Margarita for a burst of flavor big enough to satisfy the thirst of all your party goers. By mixing this one up in advance the flavors have the chance to meld together. Better yet, once the party begins you will have time to enjoy the company of friends without running back and forth to the cocktail shaker.

Tequila CAZADORES Reposado 5 Gallon Margarita
4 liters of Tequila CAZADORES Reposado
2 liters of triple sec
10 bottles (750 ml) of sweet and sour ready to use (not concentrate)
1 gallon of orange juice
1/2 gallon fresh lime juice

Mix all ingredients in a large container and stir, serve over the rocks with salt on the rim, garnish with a lime. Makes 129 servings.

Bacardi’s new Dragon Berry Flavored Rum has been a huge hit since its release. The Strawberry Basil Lemonade cocktail is just one of the delicious new recipes Bacardi has come up with to bring in the fresh fruits and herbs of the season for delicious refreshment. This summer cocktail cools you down while filling your taste buds with succulent fruit and the tartness of fresh lemon.

Bacardi Dragon Berry Strawberry Basil Lemonade
2 parts Bacardi Dragon Berry Flavored Rum
1 part fresh lemon juice
1 part simple syrup
3 basil leaves
3 fresh strawberries (hulled & sliced)
SPRITE®, to top

In a shaker, muddle 2 basil leaves, fresh lime juice, simple syrup and 2 strawberries. Fill with ice. Add Bacardi Dragon Berry and lemonade. Shake well then strain into a glass filled with ice. Garnish with a strawberry, lemon wedge and basil leaf.

Get into the swing of summer and make entertaining a breeze!

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Mercadito Chicago to Open Mid-Summer 2009

CHICAGO (May 27, 2009) – Exquisite tacos, guacamoles, botanas, ceviches…Mexican delicacies with a decidedly modern flair by Chef Patricio Sandoval arrives this summer via Mercadito in the River North neighborhood (108 W. Kinzie Street). Emphasizing superior ingredients and value, Chef Patricio and his brothers/partners, Alfredo and Felipe Sandoval, draw from their childhood under the tutelage of their father, Manuel Sandoval, who once owned the world-class restaurant Madeiras in Acapulco, Mexico, to offer authentic, imaginative Mexican fare.

Mercadito, Spanish for “little market,” is the fourth location for the Sandoval brothers, owners and operators of the popular Mercadito, Mercadito Grove and Mercadito Cantina restaurants in New York City. Having spent years living in and visiting Chicago, the Sandoval brothers are excited to bring their passion for their native country’s cuisine, showcasing both the simple and nuanced ingredients and dishes Mexican fare has to offer.

Chef Patricio, a graduate of the French Culinary Institute, has cooked under Chef Peter Hoffman at the legendary Savoy and Chef Terrance Brennan of Picholine in New York City, and alongside his well-known brother, Chef Richard Sandoval, at Maya in New York and San Francisco and Pampano in New York City. He draws his inspiration from his experiences as a child shopping with his mother in Mexico’s open air markets, always gravitating towards the small stalls where local merchants sold native delicacies. Chef Sandoval has never forgotten those delectable, uncomplicated dishes, and strives to capture their flavor and energy at Mercadito.

Mercadito’s menu, boldly flavored with thoughtful variations on Mexican cuisine, is designed for sharing. Guests may begin their meal with a selection of delicious guacamoles, which include the traditional version (tomato, cilantro, onion and serrano chile), or the popular mango guacamole with jicama and chipotle. Nearly a half-dozen ceviches will also be featured on the menu including Callo de Hacha (marinated bay scallops with tomatillo pico de gallo and apple-chile guajillo broth) and Camaron (shrimp, mango, tomatillo pico de gallo and poblano-epazote broth).

Mercadito’s tacos, for which Chef Patricio is best known for, include Pastor (ancho-guajillo rubbed pork, grilled pineapple and chile de arbol salsa); Estilo Baja (beer battered mahi mahi, Mexican-style coleslaw and chipotle aioli); and Camaron (shrimp, roasted garlic, chipotle mojo and avocado). Entrées include Pollo a las Brasas (grilled whole adobo marinated chicken, three corn pico de gallo and chile de arbol salsa) and side dishes such as Arroz Verde al Horno (green rice casserole with manchego and Oaxaca cheese); Elote Mexicano (Mexican-style corn on the cob); and Plátanos Machos (fried plantains).

No culinary journey to Mexico would be complete without an accompaniment of Mexican spirits! Mercadito’s beverage program, created by Tippling Bros. (industry veterans and leading beverage experts, Paul Tanguay and Tad Carducci), features a dizzying array of Mexican tequilas from the restaurant’s tequila-only bar and creative twists on traditional Mexican cocktails, including Mercado (tequila blanco, pineapple, lime and chile piquing); Pepino (tequila blanco, cucumber lime and chile de arbol); and Tres Cítricos (tequila blanco, orange, grapefruit, lime and habanero). An assortment of beers will also be available.

With seating for 120 Mercadito, designed by Seed Design Studio in New York, mixes elements of contemporary Mexican art and craft to create a bold, warm space. The front of the house features a glass, garage-style retractable door and an intimate 35-seat tequila lounge. A beautiful guacamole bar and a centrally located 14-seat communal dining table with custom-designed lanterns made entirely of rope hanging above are just a few of Mercadito’s focal points. Exposed white washed brick walls and columns wrapped in wire mesh surround the dining room, while rope screens add texture and create privacy between banquettes and tables.

Mercadito’s main bar is wrapped in patterned, chocolate-colored leather with a continuous white quartzite top, and the bar’s backdrop is framed by large antique mirror panels with a series of custom-pierced metal pyramids serving as a unique light sculpture.

Mercadito’s walls will also feature pop and graffiti artwork created by well-known artist Erni Vales, best known for his development of the 3-D graffiti style, but also as a creative powerhouse with many successful projects from large scale murals, to art directing films and videos, fashion and photography.

“We look forward to sharing our cuisine and hospitality with Chicago,” says Chef Patricio Sandoval. “We can’t wait to open our doors.”

Mercadito will serve lunch Monday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and dinner seven days a week from 5 p.m. to 12 midnight. A limited menu for late-night dining will also be available Sunday through Tuesday until 1 a.m.; Wednesday and Thursday until 2 a.m. and Friday and Saturday until 3 a.m. For reservations, please call (312) 329-9555.

About Mercadito Restaurants
Mercadito Restaurants have grown from their first New York City location in 2004 to becoming a renowned restaurant group specializing in Mexican cuisine and modern taquerias. The popularity of these restaurants can be attributed to the innovative interpretations of traditional Mexican cooking created by Chef Patricio Sandoval. The management team behind Mercadito Restaurants has over 15 years of experience and currently owns and operates three critically-acclaimed restaurants in New York City: Mercadito, Mercadito Grove, and Mercadito Cantina. In addition to the upcoming opening of Mercadito in Chicago, Mercadito will also open in Miami this winter. Mercadito’s partnership with renowned beverage consultants Tippling Bros. adds creativity to their beverage programs that merge complex flavors and the unexpected. For additional information, please visit


Mercadito Restaurants Head to Chicago & Miami
Rouge Tomate: Father’s Day
Agavero: Seductive Cocktails & Cuisine for Valentine’s Day

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Belmont Stakes: Entertaining at Home with Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve Bourbon knows how much you love to entertain at home. This weekend while you prepare for the Belmont Stakes reach for Woodford Reserve Bourbon to add extra flavor to your appetizers and bring a touch of authentic winning atmosphere to your Triple Crown horse racing fan wrap up festivities. Woodford Reserve is the Official Bourbon of the Belmont Stakes. Try these simple bourbon-based recipes for a day at the races or to enjoy at home with your guests. Be sure to pair these bourbon treats with the official cocktail of the Belmont Stakes, the Belmont Breeze.

Woodford Reserve Bacon Toast
1/4 pound bacon
3 slices wheat bread
1/2 cup mango chutney
1 tablespoon Woodford Reserve bourbon

Preheat broiler to high. Cook bacon until crisp, chop into fine pieces and place on a small plate. Using a biscuit cutter or the top of a jar, stamp out 1½ inch bread rounds. In a small bowl mix the chutney and bourbon, heating slightly in the microwave to mix thoroughly. Spread a generous amount of the chutney mixture on the bread round then dip it in the bacon pieces so they stick to the bread. Repeat the steps for each bread round. Just before serving heat under the broiler to further crisp the bacon. Serve immediately.

Yield: 6 toasts

Note: The toasts can be made one day ahead and stored in the refrigerator until ready to broil and serve.

Woodford Reserve-Soaked Dates
24 pitted dates
1/2 cup Woodford Reserve bourbon
24 pecan halves
Granulated sugar

Soak dates in bourbon overnight. Drain and put pecan in center of each date. Roll in sugar. Serve at room temperature or store in an airtight container.

Woodford Reserve and Pecan Brie
1/2 cup pure maple syrup
1/2 cup chopped pecans
1/4 cup Woodford Reserve bourbon
1 small (8-ounce) wheel brie
1 baguette, sliced

Combine syrup, pecans and bourbon in a small pan and simmer over low heat for 5 minutes. Pierce the brie with a fork and pour the sauce over the top. Serve with baguette slices.

Serves 6.

Woodford Reserve Mustard Wraps
3 sandwich wraps
9 slices thinly-sliced turkey
9 slices smoky provolone cheese
Roasted red peppers to taste
Shredded lettuce
1/4 cup stone ground mustard
1 tablespoon Woodford Reserve bourbon

Layer three slices of turkey over the bourbon mustard. Add three slices of cheese, roasted red peppers and shredded lettuce. Mix bourbon and mustard together and top with bourbon mustard. Slice wrap in half.

Serves 6.

· Belmont Breeze – Official Cocktail of the Belmont Stakes
· More information about Belmont Stakes

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rouge Tomate: June Cooking Classes, Father's Day & Picnics

Break out the blankets, baskets and briquettes. What better way to celebrate the season of warmth and abundance than with some inspired outdoor dining? Staff Culinary Nutritionist Natalia Rusin and one of our extraordinary sous chefs will teach you how to make the most delicious and nutritious outdoor summer fare food in the world…or the park…or the yard…or wherever you choose to enjoy it.

Classes are $50 per class, or $175 for the 4-part series:
June 8 - Hors d’oeuvres
June 15 - Main Courses
June 22 - Side Dishes
June 29 - Desserts

Father’s Day at Rouge Tomate
We’re so excited about Father’s Day that we can’t wait. In fact, we’re offering a special 1/2 off wine list on June 20th, the Saturday before Father’s Day. It’s a deliciously tasteful and flavorful way to stretch a special day into a special weekend. Here’s to Dad - and to wine.
Rouge Tomate, located at 10 East 60th Street

-Text courtesy of Alliance Agency

Boca Loca Commemorates International Cachaça Day: Unveils Delicious Cocktails for Summer

Denver, CO – June 2, 2009 – To commemorate both the summer cocktail season and the heralded arrival of International Cachaça Day on June 12, Boca Loca is introducing innovative and fresh seasonal cocktails. Created by some of the best mixologists in the industry, these cocktails are a perfect way to kick off summer while celebrating International Cachaça Day. Dating back to June 12, 1744, International Cachaça Day was created when Portugal (then colonizer of Brazil) outlawed the making and selling of cachaça in Brazil. Celebrate the return of warm sunny weather with Boca Loca Cachaça’s cool summer cocktails.

Boca Loca is an authentic award-winning premium Brazilian cachaça. Boca Loca is a smooth, full-bodied, fragrant spirit distilled from the fresh-pressed juice of sugar cane. Translated into “Crazy Lips” in Portuguese, Boca Loca captures the spirit of summer. Many argue that cachaça is the most versatile liquor in the world and easily replaces vodka, rum or tequila in any cocktail. Boca Loca is a mixologist’s favorite, and the brand often works with well-known mixologists to create cocktails that showcase the versatility of both Boca Loca and cachaça. Jeffrey Morgenthaler, named a top 10 mixologist by Playboy magazine, states, “If you haven’t experienced Boca Loca yet, I urge you to give it a try as I firmly believe it is the finest cachaça available on the market today. The spirit is light and fresh, and free from a lot of the oiliness and heavy smoke you’ll find in other - sometimes inferior - cachaças available out there. Boca Loca has a wonderful grassiness, with big stone fruit, some white pepper and a very light honey finish. It’s a beautiful product and a pleasure to work with.”

Boca Loca’s fresh and thirst-quenching summer cocktails have been created by trend-setting mixologists from around the country: Anika Zappe from Root Down restaurant in Denver, Colorado, David Ortiz from Miami, Florida and Jeffrey Morgenthaler from Clyde Common in Portland, Oregon. Our hot mixologists bring unique flavor combinations and ingredients to these original and glacial cool summer cocktails.

Boca Loca Accolades
• Rated Best Value Cachaça by Beverage Tasting Institute 2008 (750 ml retails for $20!)
• Double Gold At The Prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition
• Nine Out Of Ten Olives on The Spirits Review (
• Named a “Top Ten New Spirit to Watch” on
• Ministry of Rum Gold Medal 2008 and 2009

· Boca Loca Cachaca: Lush Spirit Perfect for Rich Flavors
· Spring is in the Cocktail Glass with Boca Loca Cachaça